“Elements Montessori does an outstanding job of building character in children. I believe this is what helps children to be successful. Elements Montessori initiates this character building by developing the traits predictive of success – zest, grit, self-control, social intelligence, gratitude, optimism and curiosity. There is no greater gift to a child, or to the parent of a child. Thank you!”

Julie G.- 4 year Elements’ Mom

“Really, every day is a day of wonder for our daughter. She loves attending Elements and so that in itself is memorable.”

Jason R. – 2 year Elements’ Dad

“Having dropped off my grandsons and visited Elements, I observed a learning environment of happiness encouraging critical thinking, discovery, problem-solving, and respect to self and others. My grandsons and daughter have gained long-liferelationships”

Amy T. – 2 year Elements’ Mom

“We have been blessed to be part of the Elements family. Our son has been lovingly nurtured and allowed to develop at his own pace which is apparent by his confidence level and his sweet boyish nature. He loves attending his brand new school (as he lovingly refers to), after almost completing one year. We look forward to watching him continue to grow over the next two years as a member of Elements.”

Michelle M. – 1 year Elements’ Mom

“I am continuously amazed by the exceptionally rich, engaging and welcoming atmosphere Paula has created for both the students and the parents. Elements is a magical place!”

Jen B. – 5 year Elements’ Mom