From Our Founder

Greetings and thank you for your interest in Elements Montessori.

My journey began nearly twenty years after high school graduation with an associate degree in liberal arts from Massasoit Community College, followed by a bachelor’s degree while completing a dual certification program in elementary and special needs education at Curry College. It was at Curry that I first heard Dr. Maria Montessori’s name mentioned, albeit ever so briefly.

After one dissatisfying year in public education, I took a teacher’s assistant position in a local Montessori school and was instantly impressed. The children (all between 3 and 6 years old) were calm, capable, confident, kind, courteous, respectful, AND they put things back where they belonged when they were done using them! I had never seen anything like it… and I fell in love.

A few years later, I enrolled at the Northeast Montessori Institute where I received my Early Childhood credentials. I then went on to attend Endicott College and earn my  master’s in education with focus on Montessori. For my thesis project, I chose to research whether or not we, as “traditionally trained, American public school teachers” are educating our children to live peacefully as adults.

My literary review, entitled “Elements of Peace: A Look at Inner Peace and Education,” revealed that outside of the Montessori communities, there was precious little on Peace Education for pre-school aged children. My research inspired me to create a new curriculum, “Elements of Peace” written specifically for the Montessori Children’s House… and in 2008, Elements Montessori was born.

The staff at Elements has an accumulated experience of 50 years working with young children. We have created an environment that is warm and  welcoming and grounded by mutual respect and kindness.  We embrace our children’s sense of wonder, foster their social, emotional and academic growth  and nurture the peaceful spirit within.

We invite you, Boston’s South Shore to join us in celebration of the joy, wonder and spirit of early childhood!

Paula J. Doyle M.Ed. and Elements are in partnership with Montessori communities across the globe in our commitment to World Peace…
One Child at a Time.